Instructions for event participants

Travel costs

ET ry members who attend national events will be reimbursed travel costs according to the least expensive public transportation vehicle according to the following rules:

  •  the travel must be done using the cheapest public transportation method
  • the event organiser is responsible for booking train tickets
  • daily allowance or reimbursement to cover the loss of earnings will not be given
  • train, tram or bus tickets within the event or seminar locale (or within the capital area) will not be reimbursed
  •  travel costs under the total of 12 euros will not be reimbursed.

Any divergent arrangements must be agreed beforehand with the event organiser according to the following basic principles:

  • if the participant wants to travel using their own car, they will only be reimbursed the travel costs according to the cheapest public transportation available. The event organiser will calculate the costs.
  • Taxi costs will not be reimbursed unless in special occasions and if agreed upon beforehand.
  • Flight tickets will be reimbursed based on deliberation to members based North of Oulu-Jyväskylä-Joensuu line. The deliberation will cover travel costs as well as the duration of travel and other pertinent facts. Plane tickets will be primarily booked by the member and billed afterwards.

General guidelines:

  • The travel expenses bill should be done as soon as possible after the trip, latest two weeks after the event.
  • The travel expenses bill must have original receipts and documents attached. These attachments are such as bus tickets, possibly pre-approved other costs, and/or receipts.
  • Reimbursement for travel costs requires the member to be present during the entire training or meeting schedule.

Cancellation conditions for event / meeting participants

Any cancellations must take place well in advance of the event. Should the cancellation be done so late that it results in costs for ET ry, the member will be asked to cover the costs incurred by the late cancellation.

If a person signed up for an event does not show up without an acceptable reason (doctor's note etc.), the member will be asked to cover the costs incurred (travel tickets, accommodation, meals etc.). 


Local and regional events. ET ry organises several local and regional events in different parts of Finland all year around. Travel costs to these events are not reimbursed but we do support attendance by arranging our members tickets for a discounted member price.

Train tickets are ordered centrally and attendants will be given the reservation number they can use to claim the tickets. Bus tickets can also be ordered when necessary. You can ask more about ticket reservations from the event supervisor. The main rule is that the members do not have to spend extensive amounts their own money on travel costs. 

 Travel reimbursement form                   

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