96% of our members recommend membership*

Do you want to know what ET ry members think of being members of a labour union? Are you interested in knowing why they have joined us? What does membership mean to them? Our members from all around Finland have told us our stories of being ET ry-members. Check out why 96 % of our members would recommend membership in ERTO and ET ry.

Being a part of an active association

Sirpa changed jobs and started a new life in the capital area in from 2012. Everything didn't go smoothly and suddenly she was on thin air and without any support. Sirpa thought everything had been OK but found that the situation was very different. In 2013 she moved to ET ry and found a labour association, which is supportive, active and full of life. Read more

From hourly wages to manager

Siru's employment was hourly work and she noticed how employment conditions changed at work depending on the employee. Siru was already an ET ry-member so she went to the union's experts for assistance. Now she has advanced to a managerial position and wants to make sure everyone receives reliable information on their rights. Read more

Positive feedback

Henkka found his way to becoming an ET ry member after hearing plenty of positive feedback on ERTO from those near to him. Henkka thinks the professional support, but also entertainment and leisurely activities are important parts of being a union member. According to Henkka, the difference between his previous union and the current one is immense in the best of ways. Read more

Much more than an unemployment fund

Johanna wanted to find herself a union that would suit her, one that would feel right in every way. Johanna's job description changed dramatically a while ago so she's been very satisfied with the vocational training she has received from ET ry.
Read more

It pays to be a member

As a union member, you are secure and protected, you'll have access to activities and services in your region, and you'll have many other benefits at your disposal. See more on the service comparison between ERTO and unemployment funds.

Service comparison

(*Based on a wide-ranging ERTO membership survey from 2015)