Fix your employment affairs

The Union is much more than an unemployment fund

Being a member of a union brings with it many benefits. When comparing an unemployment fund with a union, being a member of a union and especially ET ry gives you many benefits.

ET ry membership benefits:

  •   interest supervision
  •   holiday cabins (Tahko, Levi, Ylläs)
  •   professional training arranged by the member association
  •   regional recreational activities arranged by the member association
  •   tETra-membership magazine
  •   monthly membership letters. 

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Join and enjoy the benefits

Invest in your own working life and become a trade union member. You will have access to the union’s lawyers, employment affairs experts, you will have an opportunity to influence your work contract and get comprehensive training.

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The Union negotiates on your behalf

The Union has 45 years of experience of supporting and securing its members through your working life. 

Salary recommendations. ERTO negotiates nation-wide collective labour agreements for seven fields of activity. For fields of activity with no collective agreement, ERTO issues salary recommendations based on research findings. These recommendations specify a job title-based base salary level as well as recommended dates and levels of salary raises.

Support and assistance. As a union member  you can get personal advice on any issues to do with your employment issues.  

Unemployment fund. Union experts will help you forward if you are unemployed.

More information on how the union can help you