Salary increase for office workers from 1.5.2016 onwards

27.04.2016. The federation of Special Service and Clerical Employees ERTO's board has renewed its recommendation for the minimum salaries of office workers. The recommendation is that individual salaries and salary scales are raised from 1.5.2016 onwards by 16 euros/month. 

Salary increases follow the national wage agreement (työllisyys- ja kasvusopimus) agreed among trade union confederations.

The office sector salary recommendation is applied on sectors which don't have a collective agreement (työehtosopimus). Office workers are employed on small private sectors, in associations, organisations or foundations which are not tied to any universal collective agreement (yleissitova työehtosopimus).

Performing the tasks of an office secretary in, for example, a legal office requires wide-ranging specialist know-how and continuous upkeep of professional skills. When agreeing on salaries, it would be justified that the salary development follows the width and demands of the tasks at hand. According to a salary questionnaire organised by ERTO, salary development has not always gone hand in hand with the increase in demands of the work. 

In small offices without a selected employee representative the office worker has to negotiate their salary on their own. It is beneficial to utilise this recommendation when negotiating.

Salary recommendation for office workers

More information: specialist Jarmo Lahti, tel. 09 6132 3239, 

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