ET ry's youth and students


What do ERTO and ET ry have to offer to the young?

The goal of ET ry is to improve labour union activities and its objectives to better suit the expectations and needs of the the youth. The association offers information on the rights of the young in a fast-changing working environment as well as training and opportunities to influence the improvement of working conditions. In order for the youth to be heard, they must become active on the labour union sector.

The youth matters

ET ry is a part of ERTO, a federation of Special Service and Clerical Employees. The opinion of ERTOs chair Juri Aaltonen is that the young must be supported and they must be given the opportunity to improve themselves as well as to make contacts outside their own professional boundaries.

How does youth- and student membership work?

No separate sign-ups. All ERTO-members under the age of 36 are automatically notified via e-mail of all ERTO-youth events and news. ERTO's central organisation STTK has youth- and student activities that go with the name PlusMiinus30. News on STTK's activities are also sent via e-mail.

ET ry's youth events. ET ry organises its youth (aka under 36-year-old members) events all over Finland. Make sure your contact details are correct in our registers so that you'll automatically receive invites to these events.

SOME. ET ry is now also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Like us on Facebook and you'll receive up-to-date information on the association's current events. You can also send the board your ideas and comments through Facebook.

Membership benefits. As ET ry's youth and student member you get to enjoy all the membership benefits of ET ry and ERTO, such as cruises, discounts, and holiday cabins at Tahko and Levi.

ET ry's benefits ERTO's benefits

ET ry and ERTO's youth and student committee

ET ry board member and youth supervisor Tarja Kinnunen is also involved in ERTO's youth and student activities committee.

This youth and student committee is known as ERTOnuoret. ERTOnuoret wants to be a strong supporter of the opinions of the youth, but it also wants to make sure labour unions don't become too serious.

ERTOnuoret arranges several different events around Finland every year in attempt to bring together its youth members who are spread around the country. In 2013 we have gone skiing at Himos (where we also attended the concerts of Cheek and Haloo Helsinki!) and we've popped down to Tallinn on a beautiful Saturday in June. In 2012 a large group of ERTOnuoret-members we were a part of STTK's PlusMiinus30-cruise to Stockholm. More on these you will find in our tETra-magazine (only in Finnish). 

tETra 1/2013

Costs. ERTOnuoret wants to make sure everyone can attend its leisurely activities by keeping the costs down and the atmosphere sky-high.

Get in touch with us. If you have ideas of thoughts on how we could improve ET ry or ERTOs youth and student activities, get in touch with Tarja via e-mail ( or grab us by the hand at our spring or autumn general assembly.

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